Alexiades                     On-line Resources on:   Computational Science
  • Research and Education in Computational Science and Engineerin SIAM Review 60(3):707-754 Sep 2018 ( excellent overview)
  • Victor Eijkhout, Introduction to High Performance Scientific Computing, superb, a bible for sci.computing, paperback or free download !
  • Kai Velten, Mathematical Modeling and Simulation: Introduction for Scientists and Engineers , Wiley-VCH 2009, excellent book (and software)
  • Book: A Survey of Computational Physics: Introductory Computational Science,
      by Rubin H Landau, Manuel José Páez & Cristian C Bordeianu, Princeton U Press, Aug 2008, 656 pp. $69.50 ...excellent
  • Mathematics Source Library C & ASM (brief description of core algorithms and C codes), excellent
  • Book: Scientific Computing: An Introductory Survey , 2nd ed., by Michael T Heath, McGraw-Hill, 2002.
          and his excellent Interactive Educational Modules   (java applets)
  • Numerical Recipes in Fortran (or C), Cambridge U Press,1992
  • CSEP: Computational Science Education Project of DOE at ORNL (from the early 1990's)
  • Mathematics Archives (old)   multi-award winning math resource, from UTK Math Dept
  • Introduction to Computer Science, book by Sedgewick and Wayne, from Princeton
  • Linear Algebra (free textbook) by Jim Hefferon
  • Introduction to Linear Algebra with Matlab, by Wise-Gallagher (PDF)
  • Linear Algebra Review by Zico Kolter (PDF)
  • Computational Methods of Physics resources for Phys660, U Del, by B.K.Nikolic
    Public domain math software
  • CAE Linux a Linux distribution loaded with all the open source computational packages one would ever need and more!
  • Netlib at ORNL and UTK, software repository
  • GSL: GNU Scientific Library modular C-routines for most tasks!
  • GAMS: Guide to Available Math Software from NIST
  • FreeMat ... free, super-matlab, super-powerful package, for all platforms
  • Octave ... a free, matlab-clone (partially)
  • R project for statistical computing and graphics ... powerful environment and language( S like )
  • MATLAB / R Reference by David Hiebeler
  • Engauge Digitizer ... digitize points on plots, images (works great)
  • Dizzy ... chemical kinetics stochastic simulator (excellent)
  • SimLab ... statistical sensitivity and uncertainty analysis (excellent)
  • Sage ... python-based, very powerful alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and Matlab
  • Scilab ... a free, matlab-like, powerful package, from INRIA
  • OpenMolelica ... Modelica-based modeling, compilation and simulation environment, from Sweden
  • gnuplot ... simple, powerful plotting ...   a nice   brief intro ...
      impressive examples to try: , ...   and gnuplot binary for MSwin
  • R project for Statistical computing, also excellent for graphics
  • PGPLOT Graphics Subroutine Library ... Fortran-callable, from CalTech
  • List of Graphics & analysis software, from Texas A&M
    Data Science
  • Essential Cheat Sheets for Machine Learning and Deep Learning Engineers
  • MATLAB-Cheat-Sheet-for-Data-Science
    Parallel / Distributed Computing
  • wikipedia articles on:   parallel computing ,   distributed computing ,   MPI,   PVM
  • Message Passing Interface, chap.8 of Designing and Building Parallel Programs, by Ian Foster
  • a list of online Tutorial material on MPI
  • MPI - Message Passing Interface standard
  • open-MPI , successor to LAM-MPI
  • PVM - Parallel Virtual Machine ("poor man's supercomputer"), from ORNL, also available on netlib
  • PVM vs MPI (.ps) - comparison of features (paper from Calculateurs Paralleles Vol. 8 No. 2 (1996))

  • Aztec   - parallel iterative library for linear systems, from Sandia
  • DAGH (Distributed Adaptive Grid Hierarchy) - adaptive finite difference methods for PDEs, from U.Texas
  • MUDPACK - Multigrid Software for Elliptic PDEs, by John C Adams, from NCAR
  • PETSc - Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation, from Argonne
  • Trilinos Project   packages for multiphysics engineering problems, from Sandia

    Fourier Analysis - Signal Processing - Wavelets

  • DPGraph 2000 a nice graphics package, by David Parker
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