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I'm no longer a student at UT. I'm currently a grad student in Biology at Duke as part of their Developmental Biology Training Program. I'm a member of Fred Nijhout's lab. I'll have a website there at some point in the future. Unitl then, please email me if you have any questions.
Sometimes you feel like a nut...

Courses I used to teach:
MATH 123 (Summer 2007)
MATH 152 (Fall 2006)
MATH 123 (Summer 2006)
MATH 151 (Spring 2006)
MATH 113 (Fall 2005)
MATH 152 (Spring 2005)
MATH 151 (Fall 2004)

Some interesting articles: (as PDF) (opens in new window)
Introductory Science and Mathematics Education for 21st-Century Biologists, Science 303, 788 (2004)
Uses and Abuses of Mathematics in Biology, Science 303, 790 (2004)
Evolutionary Dynamics of Biological Games, Science 303, 793 (2004)
Rapid Evolution of Reproductive Isolation in the Wild: Evidence from Introduced Salmon, Science 290, 516 (2000)

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