Basic course data:

M435 -- Partial Differential Equations, Spring 2007,
Instructor: Jochen Denzler

MWF 01:25 - 02:15, Ayres 205

Textbook: Zachmanoglu, Thoe.
Optional also (recommended with praise as well as reserve): Farlow.
--- See more info on this and other books

Syllabus: pdf file --- dvi file

Final exam scheduled by university policy as a function of the meeting time of the course:
For this class, it is: Wed, May 02, 2:45-4:45pm

Class Diary

Links to useful pre-435 material

Math 231 is a prerequisite for Math 435. Refer to an old course website for useful supplementary notes on ODEs. These have been written to be be a concise reference that remains useful beyond the original 231 course.
Supplementary Notes on Math231: old course website (expect some subsidiary links like eg to hwk solutions to be dead)
In particular separable and linear 1st order ODEs: pdf --- ps
In particular linear higher order ODEs: pdf --- ps
Make sure that you understand the superposition principle from linear ODEs, as outlined early in these notes. This same principle carries over to PDEs (and any other kind of equations, provided they are linear).

The single most important item from Calc'3 are the vector calculus integral theorems (like Gauss theorem). I have no course notes for this, but can give you other references if you need some.

While technically M251 is not listed as a prerequisite for M435, many will have had some linear algebra. You can find synergetic effects with some of our material, if you do have linear algebra background. Namely the superposition principle again (as in M231 too), and later, for Fourier series, inner product spaces; For back reference you may find this glossary useful:
glossary in dvi format --- glossary in pdf format

Links to course material

(handwritten notes, inasmuch as I hand them out, will not be posted, b/c of the disk space and the scanning hassle)

Homework: This file is to be updated with more and more homework, numbered continuously, as the semester progresses.
Homework in pdf format --- Homework in ps format (updated Apr 11)

Solutions to Homework:
pdf format --- ps format (Pblm 1-29 complete (updated 4/20))

A sample calculation for Poisson's formula in a disk:
pdf format --- dvi format

Eigenvalues of the Laplacian in a rectangle:
pdf format --- ps format