Course page M231 Fall 2005, Jochen Denzler

M 231 - Differential Equations I

Textbook: Nagle, Saff, Snider: Fundamentals of Differential Equations (6th ed)

Office hours this semester: MWF 10:10-11:00 and by appointment or drop-in.
May be changed later according to need.
I am posting some supplementary notes here; they comment on textbook material, trying to give a bird's eye view. So they will be a brief summary, plus give some extra material not in the book, if this is deemed helpful. They are NOT a substitute for the lecture, nor for the textbook, and I will not attempt to set them up as a set of complete lecture notes. But you may find them still helpful after the class is over, for review purposes in later classes.

Notes on Chapter 1 of the textbook: notesCh1.pdf,
Notes on Chapter 2 of the textbook: notesCh2.pdf,
A project problem matching Chapter 3 of the textbook: notesCh3.pdf,
(I decide later, depending on how the class goes, whether we do this)
Notes on Chapter 4 of the textbook: notesCh4.pdf,
The free and forced oscillator (Sec 4.8, 4.9): notesCh4a.pdf,
Notes on Chapter 7 of the textbook: notesCh7.pdf,
Notes on Partial Fraction Decomposition: click here for download variants
*** Some extra credit projects: click here for projects ***
Hints about preparing for the Final Exam
And the rest of the book?

09:05-09:55 Class 11:15-12:05 Class
Syllabus: (pdf) (dvi) Syllabus: (pdf) (dvi)
Class Diary: (html) Class Diary: (html)
Final Exam: Mon, Dec 12, 10:15-12:15 Final Exam: Fri, Dec 09, 10:15-12:15

Even though I am teaching both sections along the same book, syllabus, and course philosophy, they may cease to be equivalent during the semester, because I will adapt and respond to questions/difficulties arising in each class, and this input may be different from section to section.

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