Each project is worth 15pts towards the hwk score, you can get extra credit for at most 3 of the 4 projects.

Project 1

From book p.83f, A: Torricelli's Law. --- Additional Comments

Project 2

From book p.84f, B&C: The Snowplow problem. --- Additional Comments

Project 3

From my course notes on page 10: You may need to come in and ask questions about this one, in particular about physics.

Project 4

Conformal ellipses. This project is targeted more at math and physics majors, but also has some interest for electrical engineering students. The details can be found here as pdf or ps file.

Rules for all project problems:

Turn in when you like. A full solution must contain some text that explains what you are doing. (Think of the last problem on the first exam). You may turn in a partial solution that ends with a clear question stating where you get stuck if this happens. Then you get helpful hints back and may continue from there. So a pingpong may develop and you get several attempts. However, if you do something blatantly wrong that you ought to know not to do, then you have `lost the ball' in the pingpong, and this is how you lose points. Turning in a partial solution stating a clear question does not lose points, but buys a feedback and a continued attempt. Once you turn in the first version of a problem, you have to finish it up within 3 weeks. (If I procrastinate feedback, this will be extended appropriately.)

Problems in pingpong should always bear a date, and previous versions should stay attached to the newer versions so that when I get it, I always have the full dialog, with dated contributions. This may require using a stapler...

You may do projects in turn or concurrently, but doing them concurrently will not extend the time.

Since I cannot handle everything at the same time towards the end of the semester, you must turn in a first attempt at your first project before the midterm break, otherwise you forfeit the option of doing projects for extra credit. Likewise, if you want to do a further project for extra credit after finalizing one project, you must turn in a first version within 10 days after the previous one. The sole purpose of this regulation is to spread out the work somewhat equally over the semester.