Charitable Organizations

Carl G. Wagner, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, 
The University of Tennessee (

1. CHARITY WATCH : This is the most reliable charity rating organization in the United States, formerly called The American Institute for Philanthropy. Do not confuse Charity Watch with Charity Navigator, which is often mentioned in newspaper articles about charitable giving, but which simply reproduces the (often misleading) information in the annual reports furnished by charities.

2. Lutheran World Relief

3. Doctors Without Borders

4. Panzi Foundation USA: Helps Rape Victims in the Congo

5. Somaly Mam Foundation: Fights Sex Slavery in Cambodia

6. Fisher House Foundation: Builds Housing near Veterans Administration Hospitals where families visiting patients at those hospitals can stay.

7. Palestine Children's Relief Fund

8. Middle East Children's Alliance

9. U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

10. Jewish Voice for Peace--works for justice for the people of Palestine and Gaza