Alexiades - UTK                 On-line Resources on:
  • Getting started with Maple  (from Indiana) ... excellent
  • A Maple Tutorial (original from LANL) ... excellent
  • Maple Examples  (from Utah)
  • Getting started with Maple V Release 5  (from Texas A&M)
  • old: A Short Maple Primer (local copy; from Sweden)
  • Teaching with Maple ... issues involved  (from MIT)
  • UTK Site License and Info for Maple
  • Many ways to compute Pi using Maple  (from Toronto)

  • Matlab
    UT Matlab license and how to install on your PC
  • FreeMat , a super-matlab, available for all platforms, free!
  • GNU Octave , matlab clone, available for all platforms, free!
  • Learn Matlab, TutorialsPoint, for beginers, excellent
  • Matlab Tutorial from Matlab site   and extensive Get Started with MATLAB, from Mathworks
  • A Practical Introduction to Matlab  (from MTU) ... great for beginners , and in postscript for printing
  • Matlab brief Getting Started tutorial (from Udemy)
  • Matlab Intro   (excellent, original from Harvard, 2004 )
  • Matlab Tutorial Information (from New Hamshire) ... excellent, more detailed
  • brief:   Getting started with Matlab (original from Indiana) ) ... excellent
  • brief:   Matlab tutorial (original from PennState ) ... excellent
  • brief:   Matlab tutorial (original from Utah )
  • MATLAB-Cheat-Sheet for Data Science

  • Mathworks - Matlab's Home Page
  • Experiments with MATLAB, some interesting topics
  • eigshow.m visual experiment on eigenvectors, download and run on matlab
  • a book: D.J.Higham - N.J.Higham, MATLAB Guide, SIAM, sep.2000, $42.

  • GNU Octave the FREE matlab clone
  • an even better super-matlab FreeMat, also open source (free)!
  • Sage ... python-based, very powerful alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and Matlab
  • Scilab ... a free, matlab-like, powerful package, from INRIA
  • Think Python (html or pdf) programming with Python, especially good for self-study

  • both
  • Comparison of f77 - matlab - maple - C syntax and .pdf version for printing
  • Maple, Matlab, ghostview, etc - some basics (from Utah)

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