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Flow during Melting CFD Benchmark

Noureddine Hannoun, U. of Alabama, U. of Tennessee, now in Algiers
Vasilios Alexiades, U. of Tennessee and ORNL

Benchmark solutions in CFD are indispensible for testing and validation of new algorithms and codes. For flows involving heat transfer coupled to solid-liquid phase change such benchmark solutions do not exist. A set of benchmark problems has recently been proposed for melting of metals and waxes, but there are large discrepancies in the results obtained by various researchers. Moreover, there has been a controversy among researchers regarding the nature of the flow.

We are developing CFD codes and conducting extensive computational studies in order to understand the nature of the flow, and to establish benchmark solutions for one such benchmark problem, the melting of tin in a squate cavity heated from a vertical side.

The issues involved are discussed in EJDE Conf.10:55-69, 2003 ,
the controversy is resolved in NHT B 44(3) 2003 (.pdf),
and a benchmark solution is presented in detail in IJNMF 48:1283-1308 2005 ( .pdf ).

Plots of streamlines and interface computed by three schemes on three grids:

Movie of the flow computed by centered scheme on two grids:

Computations performed on Alpha ev67 processors of Compaq AlphaServerSC clusters at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
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