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  • Greek to me by Tom Mueller (excellent article from Hemispheres Mag)
  • History: 25th of March 1821 by Lampros E. Bourodimos-Mantzouranis
  • Viewpoint: The Challenge Of Being Human by John F.L. Ross ( Athens News )
    Listen to the Greek National Anthem ( 384k audio, served locally)
  • Greek Mythology by J.M.Hunt
  • A Guide to Greek Gods, Spirits and Monsters
  • Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology ... from the superb MYTHWEB
  • Greek Mythology and the Theater ...with many links...
  • The ODYSSEY of Homer (translated by Samuel Butler)
        ... and Mythweb's beautiful version of it ...
        ... and Cavafy's poem Ithaca, in greek and english.
    Some History
  • Macedonia - What's in a name ?
  • Macedonia in History (history, FAQ, pictures)
  • 4000 Years of Greek Civilization (from Pan-Macedonian Network)
  • All about Macedonia (an extensive collection, from Australia)
  • The Greek point of view on Macedonia (FAQ, locally served)
  • ... why the Greeks worry about FYROM (locally served)
  • Ancient History Sourcebook: Greece (list of resources)
    Info - links
  • General Info about Greece   and   Greek Wines
  • Hellenic Electronic Center
  • Perseus Project (at Tufts) ..... where, among many other classics ....
  • you can find ..... Euclid's Elements   and dictionary of classical greek.

    Using Greek fonts in WWW   and   Greek - English Dictionary

    Take a virtual tour of Greece
    Where is this place? ...some spectacular scenery from around Greece   (from e-fungus.gr)
    Map of Greece(168k)   and a tiny map (.gif 39k)
    Acropolis...as was... and a bird's eye view today
    Parthenon...as is ... and the story of The Parthenon Marbles
    Thessaloniki      ... and Alexander the Great
    Mt.Athos(Dionysiou).. and Kavala ... and about Xanthi 

    In case you missed it ... The award winning Story of
    The Parthenon Marbles

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