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Non-official page ... my official Math Dept page is here ...

Professor of Mathematics       and         Part-time researcher
Mathematics Department Computational Mathematics Group
The University of Tennessee Computer Science & Mathematics Division
Knoxville ,   Tennessee Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

RESEARCH INTERESTS     ...also see my official Math Dept page
  • biomathematics ( action potentials in heart , phototransduction , synaptic transmission, ...)
  • phase-change processes ( alloy solidification, hydrates, crystal growth, laser ablation , ...)
  • moving boundary problems - nonlinear PDEs
  • heat and mass transfer - computational fluid dynamics
  • scientific (parallel) computing - computational science education
    RESEARCH PROJECTS     .... list of projects I have worked on ....
  • Laser Ablation
  • cardiac action potentials
  • Phototransduction
  • Benchmark CFD solutions for flow during melting
  • Methane Hydrates modeling
  • Alloy solidification with convection in the melt
  • Time-stepping schemes in Molecular Dynamics computations
  • Forward and inverse electromagnetic problems in Geophysics
  • Super-time-stepping acceleration of explicit schemes
  • In Situ Vitrification
    THE BOOK ( corrections page: PDF, 1 page, 12k )
    Vasilios Alexiades and Alan D. Solomon,
    Mathematical Modeling of Melting and Freezing Processes,
    Hemisphere Publ. Co., Washington DC, 1993
    323 pages; Hardcover; ISBN 1-56032-125-3 ;   QC303.A38 1993
    Available at: Allbookstores.com ( compare current prices )
    AddAll.com ( compare current prices )
    BooksPrice.com ( compare current prices )

    THE PROCEEDINGS of the 14-17 Oct 1998 Conference held at UTK
    Vasilios Alexiades and George Siopsis, editors
    Trends in Mathematical Physics
    AMS/IP Studies in Advanced Mathematics, Volume 13
    American Mathematical Society
    and International Press, July 1999
    528 pages; Softcover; ISBN 0-8218-2006-0 ;   QC19.2.C654   1999

    Here is a Knoxville guide , all sorts of area maps , and zooming maps to UTK.
    If you'd rather fly... here is a satellite image of Tennessee and of East Tennessee. Knoxville is at 84oW 36oN.
    About Mathematics . . . mostly
  • First, how to pronounce Greek letters correctly !   ( see column in yellow )
  • LOGICOMIX, An epic search for truth told in a brilliant graphic novel , must read!
  • Mathematics - The Science of Patterns and Algorithms by Ingrid Debauchies
  • Mathematics and Science   (NSF Report, Jan.2000, exciting reading !)
  • Mathematics as a Key to Key Technologies excellent article by H. Neunzert
  • Careers in Mathematics   from the treasures in the Math Archives
  • Who's Hiring Math Majors?   . . . and some funny occupational descriptions
  • Worldwide Job Market for Mathematicians
  • Science, Math, and Engineering Links   (includes Career Resources)
  • Famous Mathematicians (links)
  • Famous Scientists chronology   (from Kai Lai Chung: Green, Brown, and Probability, 1995)
  • Oh Calculus ! to the tune of "Oh, Christmas Tree"
  • Emphasis on Teaching by Marshall Brain and his fascinating HowStuffWorks
  • The Blueberry Story why school is not a business !
  • My computation-related links On:   Computational ScienceFortran - CMaple - Matlab
                                  WWW - HTML       Unix       converters
  • My benchmark timings:   fspx ,   meltflow ,   retbnch-mpi   on various computers ...since 1994
  • Some of my most useful (unix) shell scripts
  • Some interesting Titbits
  • and my most favored poem: Cavafy's ΙΘΑΚΗ, in greek and english   and   some wise thoughts... It's Only Time
  • Math in HTML - charcodes, greek letters, math symbols - it can be done !
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