UTK-Math 171 - Alexiades
Hands-On Tutorial on the VI editor
  The vi tutorial contained in the file "vi_tutor.html" will 
give you an introduction on how to use the editor vi. 
  For maximum benefit, you need to edit the file using vi, 
while you are reading it, so you can try the commands out as 
you read. To do this, you need to copy the file "vi_tutor.html"
to your own directory.

  Let's use some WWW and Unix skills to get a copy of the
vi_tutor file to your local directory.  Pay attention to what
you are doing, to understand the logic (and thus learn...) :

The file named "vi_tutor.html" is currently in one of my 
directories on some computer, and you want to get a copy in 
your area on this computer.  Thanks to the miracle of the 
Internet, this transfer of files between computers can be 
now be done very easily.

  The simplest way is via the browser.  I have created a link 
on this page to that file, so that the browser can load it. 
All you have to do is:

    Click HERE to display the file on the browser.

Then follow the instructions at the top of that file.
You can return to this page by clicking the "Back" button on
the browser.  Now place the mouse pointer over the word "HERE" 
and click the left mouse button. Bye...