UTK-PDE Distinguished Lecture Series is a series of lectures in partial differential equations (PDEs) delivered virtually by world renowned mathematicians. Each part in the series consists of three to five lectures covering core ideas, techniques, and state of the art in selected topics in the area of partial differential equations. Lectures will be thoughtfully designed and technically simplified so that they will be accessible to an audience with only basic background in Analysis and PDEs. All lectures will be recorded and posted together with lecture notes (Youtube Channel UTK-PDE Lecture Series). The series is founded and organized by Dr. Tuoc Phan with the support from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville.

Professor Irene Fonseca (Department of Mathematical Sciences of Carnegie Mellon University) will deliver 5 lectures (through zoom) at 2:50PM (US Eastern time) on November 18, December 2, 9 of 2021 and January 13, 20 of 2022. Register at UTK-PDE google form to receive zoom link information and reminder messages.

Professor Fonseca
Brief Biography: Irene Fonseca received her Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Minnesota in 1985. She was an assistant professor at University of Lisbon (1985 -1986), a postdoc at Centre de Mathematiques Appliquees (1986 - 1987). She was then a visiting professor at CMU (1987 -1989), assistant professor at CMU (1989 - 1992), associate professor (1992 - 1993), full professor (1993 - present). Professor Fonseca's main contributions have been on the variational study of ferroelectric and magnetic materials, composites, thin structures, phase transitions, and on the mathematical analysis of image segmentation, denoising, detexturing, registration and recolorization in computer vision. Her research program continues to explore modern methods in the calculus of variations motivated by problems emerging from materials science and imaging science. Professor Fonseca is a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society (AMS), and a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). She was SIAM President in 2013 and 2014. She is an invited speaker at the 2022 ICM. She serves in 20 Editorial Boards, including Advances in Calculus of Variations, Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, Communications of the American Mathematical Society, Journal of Nonlinear Science, and SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis. Additional information about Professor Fonseca can be found in this Wikipedia page and in her [CV].

Title and Abstract: See [PDF].

Schedule: Zoom link will be available 30 minutes before each lecture. UTK-PDE google form if you would like to receive reminding messages.

Date/TimeZoom information Lecture Notes Lecture Videos
Nov 18, 2:50PM (EDT) Zoom link Lecture Slides Lecture 1
Dec 2, 2:50PM (EST) Zoom link Lecture Slides Lecture 2
Dec 9, 2:50PM (EST) Zoom link Lecture Slides Lecture 3
Jan 13, 2:50PM (EST) Zoom link Lecture Slides Lecture 4
Jan 20, 2:50PM (EST) Zoom link Lecture Slides Lecture 5

Youtube Channel: UTK-PDE Lecture Series. Feel free to subscribe.

Contact information: Write to Tuoc Phan at phan(at)math(dot)utk(dot)edu if you would like to receive the reminding messages on this event or if you have questions/requests.