Computational Science
  • CSEP: Computational Science Education Project of DOE at ORNL
  • Computational Science Textbook - excellent, from Sandia
  • Data Analysis BriefBook from CERN
  • Mathematics Archives multi-award winning math resource, from UTK Math Dept
  • Numerical Computing Resources on the Internet (from Indiana)
  • Numerical Recipes books on-line, courtesy of the authors
    Computational Science Education
  • NETLIB's Computational Science Education List
  • Adventures in Supercomputing - Sandia, part of the DOE AiS program
    Public domain packages
  • Netlib at ORNL and UT
  • Graphics & analysis software List (from Texas A&M)
  • Scilab ... a free, Matlab-like, powerful package (from INRIA)
  • PGPLOT Graphics Subroutine Library ... Fortran-callable (from CalTech)
  • GAMS: Guide to Available Math Software from NIST
  • NHSE: National Software Exchange
  • Mathematical Software Links a comprehensive list, from Mike Berry's CS370 course
    Fourier Analysis - Signal Processing
  • An Introduction to Fourier Theory (by Forrest Hoffman)
  • Fast Transforms from the Data Analysis Briefbook
  • JPEG Tutorial from Purdue
  • Digital Coding (DCT and JPEG, MPEG standards)
  • Optimization IB at Cambridge U., by Richard Weber

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