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Fun Stuff
Mathematical/logical/thinking-type fun stuff:

3D Papercraft
For her 12th birthday, I showed my daughter a link I had found to a webpage where you can print, cut, and glue to make 3d Pokemon models out of paper.  6 hours later she was finally willing to tear herself away and open her store-bought presents.  She loves, loves, loves 3d papercraft!  Here are some 3D papercraft websites:
We started origami many years ago.  Of course, as nerds we prefer the modular geometric type.  I taught a class at the public library a few summers ago and to get kids interested we made large cranes.  Here is a photo of a giant models made with sonobe modules: Giant Sonobe Origami.

I like kinetic sculpture.  Here's a cool video of a moving sculpture by David C. Roy: link
Someday I would like to see or be in a kinetic sculpture race
University of Arkansas Math professor Chaim Goodman-Strauss does mathematical art and sculpture (and a radio show).


If you have kids who would like to learn to write computer programs, Scratch, invented by MIT, is great and free.

Cool Stuff Utterly Unrelated to Math
City Museum in St. Louis.   For kids with ages around 6 to 14.  Go.  It's worth an 8 hour drive.
House of Blues Gospel Brunch (Myrtle Beach).
Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden  saw the movie; want to go