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The Mathematics Department at the University of Tennessee offers a highly flexible major catering to students with a wide range of abilities and interests. The standard major provides students with breadth in four core areas of mathematics (abstract algebra, analysis, numerical analysis, and probability/statistics) plus the depth provided by taking at least one year-long sequence 400-level sequence. Talented and highly motivated students may choose a more rapid curricular path that leads to graduate courses in mathematics as early as the junior year.

Courses in the math major may be divided into three categories: Basic courses, core courses, and additional upper division courses.

Basic courses consist of first year calculus Math 141-142 or honors 147-148, differential equations 231, multivariate calculus 241 or honors 247, matrix algebra 251 or honors 257, and 171 (computer literacy). Depending on placement exam scores or AP credit, math majors will normally begin their studies at UT in one of the calculus or honors calculus courses. Students interested in the rapid curriculum or honors program should enroll in honors calculus courses and Math 300 during the freshman year, if possible. Math 171 may be postponed until the second or third year and/or replaced by Computer Science 102.

Math 300 (Introduction to Abstract Mathematics) is the gateway between the basic courses and the upper division core courses. In this course many students experience for the first time the rigorous methods that are at the heart of pure and applied mathematics. The top 15-20% of students in Math 300 each year will be invited to participate in the Math Honors program.

The upper division core courses consist of the following:

3XX: Math 323 (Probability), 341 (Analysis), 351 (Abstract Algebra), 371 (Numerical Analysis)

4XX: Math 423-424 (Probability), 445-446 (Analysis), 455-56 (Abstract Algebra), 471-72 (Numerical Analysis)

H4XX: Math 447-448 (Honors Analysis), 457-458 (Honors Abstract Algebra)

5XX First year graduate courses.

3XX courses provide additional preparation for the corresponding 4XX and H4XX courses, but are not prerequisites for these courses. Students who are invited to participate in the Math Honors program are encouraged to skip the 3XX-level math courses in some or all of the four areas and proceed directly to the 400-level sequences, especially the two H4XX courses. For other students the 3XX courses are strongly recommended (and required for the H4XX courses). Most 5XX courses have as a prerequisite either 445-6 or 455-6 (or the honors versions 447-8 or 457-8). The H4XX courses are recommended for students who intend to take 5XX courses or pursue a graduate degree.


last updated: May 2018

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