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SIAM-UTK Chapter


You’ve found yourself on the website for the University of Tennessee-Knoxville’s SIAM Chapter!

What is SIAM?

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, or SIAM for short, is an internationally recognized organization designed to promote development of mathematical research not only for the sake of the discipline’s own advancement, but also for use in a wide range of other disciplines. These disciplines include physics, chemistry, biology, all facets of engineering, and computer science. SIAM organizes regular conferences and outreach activities to bring the mathematics community closer together, unifying academia and industry.

Mission Statement of Our Chapter

At the University of Tennessee, our SIAM chapter intends to emulate the missions of the entire organization in a more local setting. In addition, we look to stimulate the professional growth of our students. This includes graduate and undergraduate students in all of the disciplines that SIAM reaches. We provide professional development and networking opportunities in many different formats, ranging from webinars to larger-scale conferences. Connecting with industry experts is a common theme in much of what we do. And we want you to be a part of it.

The flagship campus of the University of Tennessee System and partner in the Tennessee Transfer Pathway.

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