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Master of Mathematics

Enhance your mathematics teaching with an online master’s degree

The University of Tennessee’s Master of Mathematics (MM) program is intended to support teachers as mathematicians through rigorous mathematical training in a broad range of topics.  We do this by:

  1. Incorporating evidence-based practices in our course and program design,
  2. Creating an inclusive and diverse community of educators from different backgrounds,
  3. Providing access to relevant material in an easily accessible format, and
  4. Encouraging self-reflection for continued professional growth.

Is this program right for me?

This program is intended for educators interested in expanding the breadth and depth of their mathematical knowledge.  Our MM program complements UTK’s more traditional Master of Science (MS) programs in Mathematics or in Education by offering rigorous mathematics training paired with practical applications in the classroom.

Most of our classes are in a synchronous online format.  We use Zoom video meetings, so that students can have the benefits of interacting with their instructor and classmates as well as the flexibility of attending class remotely.  All you need is a computer with a reliable internet connection.


  • Two Years: A full-time working professional can finish their MM degree in two years if taking one to two classes each term.
  • In-State Tuition: All students, no matter where they live, pay in-state tuition.
  • Comprehensive Portfolio: Instead of a thesis or timed exam, you’ll be compiling a portfolio that shows your professional growth and can be used in a job search.
  • Rolling Admissions: Students can apply for and start the program at any time.

Here’s what our students have to say about the program:

“I love the way this online Master’s in Math program is designed for teachers. I’m able to teach full-time and still have time to take classes. Using [virtual meetings] for class meetings, I feel that I still know my classmates even though it is distance education… It is comforting to have a group of math teachers to share ideas with and learn together. The professors have been very supportive and fun!” -Valerie Capps


The program launched in the 1960s with funding from the National Science Foundation.  Admission to the program requires:

  1. (a) Certification to teach secondary mathematics in at least one state, or
    (b) three years of teaching experience; and
  2. One year of college-level calculus (equivalent to Math 141-142) and a course in matrix algebra (equivalent to Math 251).

Don’t meet the admission requirements? Contact us anyway to get advising on the best way to prepare for our program.


The program requires 30 semester hours (typically 10 courses) of coursework of which at least 21 must be at the 500 level and at most six may be from outside the Department of Mathematics. The following courses form the core of the program and constitute 18 of these hours:

  • Math 504 – Discrete Math for Teachers
  • Math 505 – Analysis for Teachers
  • Math 506 – Algebra for Teachers
  • Math 507 – Probability and Statistics for Teachers
  • Math 509 – Seminar for Teachers (taken twice)

The department offers these courses in a rotation, so that a teacher working at a full time job can complete the degree in two years (with one or two courses each term).  Summer (SU) classes meet during the day. Fall (FA) and spring (SP) courses typically meet for three hours one evening per week. Popular choices for the remaining 12 hours of coursework are History of Mathematics (Math 400), Geometry (Math 460), and graduate courses in mathematics education. New courses are currently being developed and will be offered soon.  Some of these include Proofs for Teachers (anticipated FA2020) and Math Modeling for Teachers (SU2021).

Current Course Schedule

Course # Course Title Next Offered
Math 504 Discrete Math for Teachers SU2020, SP2022
Math 505 Analysis for Teachers FA2020, SU2022
Math 506 Algebra for Teachers SP2021, FA2022
Math 507 Probability and Statistics for Teachers Probability: SU2021

Statistics: listed as Math 509 for SU2020, SP2022 

Math 509 Seminar for Teachers SP2020 (Linear Algebra for Teachers)
SU2020 (Statistics for Teachers)
Math 593 Independent Study FA2020 (Mathematical Reasoning and Proofs for Teachers)
Math 400 History of Mathematics FA2020 (and every fall)
Math 460 Geometry SP2021 (and every spring)
Schedule may change due to enrollment numbers.
500-level classes are currently offered every six semesters (including summer terms) to accommodate for varying teacher schedules while still offering all core classes in two-year periods. Math 400 is offered every fall, and Math 460 is offered every spring.

Courses outside of the department can be found on the Online Courses directories.

Portfolio Examination

See Portfolio Examination page for details.


Contact Information

General MM program questions:
Ms. Pam Armentrout
Graduate Coordinator
(865) 974-2464

Course and content questions:
Dr. Anne M. Ho
Chair of Master of Mathematics Curriculum Committee

Master of Mathematics Curriculum Committee

Dr. Anne M. Ho (Chair)
Dr. Michael Gelantalis
Dr. John Griffis
Dr. Anna Kazanova
Dr. Karin Pringle
Dr. Shel Swenson
Dr. Alan Von Herrmann
Dr. Allison Wolf

Facebook Group

Our Facebook group is for past, present, and future MM students to share teaching resources.  Join the conversation today!

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