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Seminars and Colloquiums
for the week of October 28, 2019



Louis Gross, UTK
Jan Rosinski, UTK
Levi Sledd, Vanderbilt University
Tamara Riggs, UTK
Alexandre Freire, UTK

Tea Time - cancelled for this week
3:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday
Room: Ayres 401
Hosted by:

Monday, October 28th

TITLE: Continuing overview of chaos in dynamical systems
SPEAKER: Louis Gross UTK
TIME: 10:10 AM
ROOM: Claxton 105

Tuesday, October 29th


TITLE: Stochastic Dini's theorem with applications
SPEAKER: Jan Rosinski, UTK
TIME: 2:10 PM-3:25 PM
ROOM: Ayres 112
Abstract: Abstract: A stochastic version of Dini's theorem was found by Ito and Nisio. It provides a powerful tool to deduce the uniform convergence of stochastic processes from their pointwise convergence. Unfortunately, this tool fails in stronger than uniform modes of convergence, such as Lipschitz or phi-variation convergence, the latter mode being natural for processes processes with jumps. In this work we establish a stochastic version of Dini's theorem in a new framework that covers processes with jumps and strong modes of convergence. We apply these results to Levy driven stochastic differential equations.

TITLE: Assouad-Nagata dimension of C'(1/6) groups
SPEAKER: Levi Sledd, Vanderbilt University
TIME: 11:10-12:25 PM
ROOM: Ayres 114 
Abstract: Asymptotic dimension is a quasi-isometry invariant introduced by Gromov in 1993 as a large-scale analogue for Lebesgue covering dimension. A related notion of dimension is Assouad- Nagata asymptotic dimension (or equivalently for discrete spaces, Assouad-Nagata dimension), another quasi-isometry invariant which is bounded below by asymptotic dimension. Since their inception, these two notions of dimension have proven to be useful tools in geometric group the- ory. In 2010, Higes gave examples of countable abelian groups with finite asymptotic dimension and finite but greater Assouad-Nagata dimension. In this talk, we will show how this result can be generalized to finitely generated groups, as follows. We prove that any finitely generated (but not necessarily finitely presented) C(1/6) group has Assouad-Nagata dimension at most 2. Then we use this result to construct, for any n, k in N with n >= 3, a finitely generated group of asymptotic dimension n and Assouad-Nagata dimension n + k.

Wednesday, October 30th

TITLE: An exploration of Fourier eigenvalues and their multiplicities
SPEAKER: Tamara Riggs, UTK
TIME: 2:30 PM
ROOM: Ayres 113
Abstract: The discrete Fourier transform (DFT) of any size is known to have four eigenvalues: 1,-1, i, and -i. A proof of this result will be presented utilizing projection matrices defined in terms of the DFT. We will use these projections to further prove a result concerning the multiplicities of these eigenvalues, a problem that has interesting connections to Gauss sums.

Friday, November 1st

SPEAKER: Alexandre Freire, UTK
TIME: 3:35 PM
ROOM: Ayres 405
Abstract: I’ll describe the classical general-relativistic model for a star: interior, static solutions to Einstein’s equations with perfect fluid matter, joined to a vacuum solution outside of a compact set. Solutions have surprising (non-Newtonian) properties, such as a universal mass/radius bound. This problem has been studied in the rotationally symmetric case, and it is conjectured that all solutions have this symmetry. In recent work, we extend the classical results to the case of non-zero `cosmological constant’, allowing for non-euclidean (for example, hyperbolic) asymptotics. This is joint work with Ryan Unger.

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