History of
The John H. Barrett Memorial Lectures
at the University of Tennessee
The John H. Barrett Memorial Lectures began in 1970 as a tribute to Dr. John H. Barrett, Mathematics Department Head (1964 - 1969) at the University of Tennessee, upon his death in 1969. They have been given annually since 1970 in a variety of mathematical fields by a succession of distinguished speakers.
Initially, the series centered on Ordinary Differential Equations, the research area of John Barrett. Since the mid-eighties however, other topics representing interests of research groups of the Mathematics Department have also been chosen.
Past Barrett Lectures
Year Area Theme Principal Speakers
1970 ODE ??? Einar Hille - Yale(emeritus), New Mexico
1971 ODE Stability of Differential and Difference Equations J P LaSalle - Brown
1972 ODE Large Systems of ODEs and Optimal Inequalities Garrett Birkoff - Harvard
1973 ODE Inequalities W N Everett - Dundee
1974 ODE Nonlinear Techniques for Linear Oscillation Problems Zeev Nehari - Carnegie-Mellon
1975 ODE Generic Bifurcations in ODEs Jack Hale - Brown
1976 ODE Some Aspects of Population Biology - Immunology, Ecology and Epidemiology Paul Waltman - Iowa
1977 ODE Oscillation Theory of ODEs W T Reid - Oklahoma(emeritus)
1978 Algebra Group Actions on Trees Hyman Bass - Columbia
1979 ODE ??? Fred Brauer - Wisconsin
1980 Tolology The PL Schoenflies Theorem William Eaton - Texas
1981 ODE ? ??? James Bramble - Cornell
1982 ODE Topological and Variational Methods for Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems Jean Mawhin - Louvain
1983 Analysis ??? Donald Sarason - Berkeley
1984 Math Ecology Fisheries Management Donald Ludwig -British Columbia
1985 ODE Stability and Control Richard K Miller - Iowa State
1986 Algebra Algebraic Geometry Shreeram Abhyankar - Purdue
1987 ODE Inverse Spectral Problems Joyce McLaughlin - RPI
1988 Analysis ??? Alan Beardon - Cambridge
1989 Math Physics Topological Quantum Field Theories Sir Michael Atiyah - Oxford
I M Singer - MIT
Clifford Taubes - Harvard
Karen Uhlenbeck - Texas
1991 PDE Non-convex Problems in PDEs:
Equilibrium Theory and Dynamics
John Ball - Herriot-Watt
L Creg Evans - Berkeley
Paul Fife - Utah
1992 Topology Barrett Lectures on Homotopy Theory Kiyoshi Igusa - Brandeis
Tom Goodwillie - Brown
1993 Probability Stochastic Differential Equations in Infinite Dimensions & Measure Valued Processes Donald Dawson - Fields Institute
Eugene Dynkin - Cornell
Gopinath Kallianpur - UNC
1994 Algebra Zero-Dimensional Commutative Rings Robert Gilmer - Florida State
1995 PDE Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in Geometry and Physics Ronald Fintushel - Michigan State
Sergiu Klainerman - Princeton
Fang-Hua Lin - Courant
Michael Struwe - ETH
1996 ODE Spectral Theory and Computational Methods of Sturm-Liouville Problems Anton Zettl - Northern Illinois
1997 Optimal
Control Theory and Applications E B Lee - Minnesota
Irena Lasiecka - Virginia
1998 Geometry Discrete Conformal Geometry James Cannon - Brigham Young
Juha Heinonen - Michigan
Oded Schramm - Weizmann
1999 Teaching Successful Strategies for the Use of Technology in the Teaching of Mathematics William Bauldry -Appalachian State
John Harvey - Wisconsin
M Kathleen Heid - Penn State
Frank Wattenberg - Montana State
2000 Differential Geometry New Directions in Differential Geometry Alice Chang - Princeton
Tobias Colding - Courant
Karsten Grove - Maryland
Jon Wolfson - Michigan State
2001 Computational Math New Directions and Developments in Computational Mathematics David Keyes - Old Dominion
Mary Wheeler - Texas
Jinchao Xu - Penn State
2002 Algebra Recent Progress in Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry Yasutaka Ihara - Kyoto
Yujiro Kawamata - Tokyo
2003 Probability Random walks, Levy processes, and related topics Jean Bertoin - Paris VI
Gregory Lawler - Cornell
2005 PDE New Developments in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Sergiu Klainerman - Princeton
2006 Topology Current Developments in Geometric Topology John Baez - Riverside
Stephen Bigelow -Santa Barbara
William Goldman - Maryland
2007 Applied Math Multi-scale Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science Russel Caflisch - UCLA
Bjorn Engquist - Texas
Mitchell Luskin - Minnesota
2008 Math Education Transitions to, through and beyond Calculus Zalman Usiskin - Chicago
David Bressoud - Macalaster
Vena Long - Tennessee
Susanna Epp - DePaul
Margaret Robinson - Mt.Holyoke
Francis Su - Harvey Mudd
2009 Probability Stochastic Analysis and its Applications Richard Bass - Connecticut
Ofer Zeitoun - Minnesota & Weizmann
2010 Geometry Discrete Differential Geometry and Applications

at Highland Manor Inn and Convention Center in Townsend TN (Smokies)
Rick Kenyon - Brown
Alexander Bobenko - TU-Berlin
Elias Wegert - Freiberg
Peter Schröder - CalTech
Ken Stephenson - Tennessee
2011 Differential Geometry Mathematical Relativity Richard Schoen - Stanford
Robert Wald - Chicago
Igor Rodnianski - Princeton

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