Mathematics 241 (Section 010), Fall 2017

Instructor: Xia Chen

Office: Ayres 241, 974-4284.


Office Hours: MWF 2:00-3:00 p.m., (or by appointment).

Text Book: Calculus (third edition), by Jon Rogawski and Colin Adams.

Course Description:
This course is a continuation of Calculus II (Math 142). The main topics of this class include solid analytic geometry, partial differentiation, multiple integration, and selected topics in vector calculus. The prerequisites is Math 142 or Math148.

Class: MWF 12:20 p.m.-1:10 p.m. (Ayres 124); T 1:05 p.m -1:55 p.m. (Ayres 124)

Grading: Final Exam 30%; Midterm 30%; Quiz 40%

Letters will be assigned as follows (subject to change): A:90-100, B:80-89, C:65-79, D:50-64, E:49 or below.

Test Schedule:

All exams will take place in Ayres 124

Quiz and homework