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Welcome to the MATLAB online reference documentation. MATLAB is a technical computing environment for high-performance numeric computation and visualization.

If you are connected to Internet, you can learn more about The MathWorks and its products by viewing The MathWorks Home Page in Natick, Massachusetts.You can also learn more about The MathWorks products by printing our Product Data Sheets and reading the Technical Notes produced by our Technical Support group. We have also prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions about MATLAB.

MATLAB online reference documentation provides direct hypertext links to specific MATLAB function descriptions. The links are underscored and also appear in color if you have a color monitor.

When you click on any function category in the table below, a list of the functions within that category appears. This list provides additional hypertext links directly to the related MATLAB function descriptions.

MATLAB's Main Categories of Functions                                                      
general         General purpose commands.                           
ops             Operators and special characters.                   
lang            Language constructs and debugging.                  
elmat           Elementary matrices and matrix manipulation.        
specmat         Specialized matrices.                               
elfun           Elementary math functions.                          
specfun         Specialized math functions.                         
matfun          Matrix functions - numerical linear algebra.       
datafun         Data analysis and Fourier transform functions.      
polyfun         Polynomial and interpolation functions.             
funfun          Function functions - nonlinear numerical methods.  
sparfun         Sparse matrix functions.                            
plotxy          Two dimensional graphics.                           
plotxyz         Three dimensional graphics.                         
graphics        General purpose graphics functions.                 
color           Color control and lighting model functions.         
sounds          Sound processing functions.                         
strfun          Character string functions.                         
iofun           Low-level file I/O functions.                       
external        External interface library
demos           Demonstrations and samples
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Product Data Sheets

The MathWorks Product Data Sheets provide condensed information about MathWorks products you may be interested in acquiring. Currently, datasheets are available for 12 MathWorks products:

The Data Sheets have been provided in uncompressed PostScript format. If you want to read them, you must print them on a PostScript printer. You must have previously chosen to install the Data Sheets during the MATLAB installation process.

The Data Sheets can all be found in the directory $MATLAB/info/products with the following file names:

Hi-Spec Toolbox:

Image Processing Toolbox:

MMLE3 Identification Toolbox:

Model Predictive Control Toolbox:

Mu-Analysis and Synthesis Toolbox:

Neural Network Toolbox (V1):

Nonlinear Control Design Toolbox:

Optimization Toolbox:

Robust Control Toolbox:

Signal Processing Toolbox:

Statistics Toolbox:

Symbolic Math Toolbox:

To print the Data Sheets, enter the following command sequence:

cd $MATLAB/info/products
lpr filename
$MATLAB is a variable that represents the name of the MATLAB root directory at your site. The paper size has been set to U.S. Letter (8 1/2" x 11").

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