Maple: The Basics

Maple can run in either an ASCII terminal mode or as an X-window System client. To run Maple from an ASCII terminal, type maple. To run Maple as an X-window System client, type xmaple or maple -x. For help on using X-window clients, please see " Connecting to X-window System Clients." Most of the examples shown in this tutorial are taken from the X-windows session. The paths to the executables are:

(Maple ASCII executable)               
(Maple X-windows executable)	

Maple has an internal help capability that can be accessed by issuing ? at the Maple prompt and then the topic for which you want help. For example, typing ?int opens a window containing the help page for the Maple routine int. Another way to bring up a help page is to use the help browser. The browser is accessed through the Help menu in the top right corner of the Maple window. You can run the Maple tutorial by starting up maple and entering the Maple command: tutorial(); Executing man maple displays the man page for Maple.

The actual Maple session is conducted on a page called the worksheet. The worksheet can be a rather informal sketch pad or a formalized document ready for use as a figure in a publication. Maple worksheets use the greater than prompt (>). Do not try to type this prompt when duplicating the examples given in this tutorial. All commands are terminated with a semicolon (;). Plots and animations are displayed in separate windows. The worksheets and graphical output can all be saved as separate files in a variety of formats including PS, LaTeX, and GIF.

Some of the graphics displayed in this tutorial are presented as "thumbnail" sketches. This is because they are too large to display in great detail on the screen. Clicking on these images (they will be outlined as a link) will produce the larger, more detailed image.

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