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The Cluster Team wanted to be sure its users have ample opportunity to use Maple. It was decided that a short demonstration of the application be given to show users the power behind this product.

This is by no means a complete demonstration of Maple's powerful capabilities. Instead, this demonstration is meant to whet your appetite into the fast growing world of Maple.

At the end of this lesson is a listing of Maple Web sites and books. Please browse this section.

This tutorial was written for you, the user. We would like to hear your comments. Please e-mail us at cluster-consult@lanl.gov with any suggestions for improving this tutorial. Likewise, please let us know if you would like to see other tutorials like this for other available Cluster Applications (Mathematica, NCAR, etc).

These pages have many graphics obtained from actual screens of Maple. If you do not run Maple as an X-Window application (as covered in the next lesson) your views may differ slightly.

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