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Fall 2017

Math 578  

TR 5:05-6:20   Ayres ???

Numerical Methods For Conservation Laws

Conservation Laws, expressing conservation of mass, momentum, energy, or charge, constitute the cornerstone of models of physical processes.
Their numerical solution is a central problem in Scientific Computation. An essential feature of the course is parallelization with MPI.

  • Unified treatment of physical meaning, mathematical properties, and numerical methods.
  • Focus primarily on the physically meaningful, simple to implement, and effective, Finite Volume discretization.
  • Emphasis on ideas, derivation, explanation of numerical schemes, physical meaning, how they work,
      advantages/disadvantages, implementation issues, hands-on computing.
  • Parallelization for distributed computing via domain decomposition and MPI.
  • Recent advances in shock-capturing higher order schemes.

    Prerequisites: PDE (M435); Programming ( Fortran or C ); or consent of instructor.
    The course qualifies for the
                      Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor in Computational Science (IGMCS) program.

    For more information contact: Prof. V. Alexiades, Ayres 213, 974-4922, alexiades (at)
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