M371 - Alexiades
                            Review for Quiz 1
                collect the material from your notes and other resources
              This material will also be on the Midterm and Final, so learn it !

  • floating point numbers and errors:   roundoff notes,   Kaw book chap.1
  • Taylor expansion
  • Methods for finding roots (of nonlinear equations):   Kaw book chap.3

    Methods:   For each Method should know: what it is for, idea, advantages/disadvantages
  • Taylor expansion, remainder, estimating error (know formulas)
  • nested form of polynomial for efficient evaluation
  • root finding methods:
      - plotting
      - bisection   (also know algorithm)
      - fixed point iteration   (also know algorithm)
      - Newton-Raphson   (also know algorithm)
      - secant   (idea)
      - inverse quadratic interpolation (just that there is such...)