Vasileios Maroulas

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Office:  Ayres Hall 202

Phone:  865-974-4302


Department of Mathematics
University of Tennessee
202 Ayres Hall
1403 Circle Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996-1320

Henri Poincare

It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.

Publications  (brief sample)

Research has been funded by
the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Army Research Lab, the Army Research Office, the Department of Energy-UT Battelle, the Leverhulme Trust in the UK, the National Science Foundation, the Simons Foundation, and the Office of Research at the University of Tennessee

Below is a very short sample of my research. Please look at my resume or Google Scholar for my publications.

A.    Journal Papers

1.     A. Budhiraja, P. Dupuis and V. Maroulas. Large deviations for infinite dimensional stochastic dynamical systems, Annals of Probability, 36(4), (2008), 1390-1420.

2.     A. Budhiraja, P. Dupuis and V. Maroulas. Large deviations for stochastic flows of diffeomorphisms. Bernoulli, 16(1), 234-256, 2010.

3.     A. Budhiraja, P. Dupuis and V. Maroulas. Variational representations for continuous time processes. Annales de l Institut de Henri Poincare, 47(3), pp. 725-747, 2011.

4.   V. Maroulas and P. Stinis. Improved particle filters for multi-target tracking. Journal of Computational Physics, 231(2), pp.602-611, 2012.

5.     V. Maroulas and J. Xiong. Large deviations for optimal filtering with fractional Brownian motion. Stochastic Processes and their Applications, 123(6), pp. 2340-2352, 2013.

6.  D.-C. Jhwueng  and V. Maroulas. Phylogenetic Ornestein-Uhlenbeck regression curves. Statistics & Probability Letters, 89, pp. 110-117, 2014.

7.   V. Maroulas and A. Nebenfuhr. Tracking rapid intracellular movements: a Bayesian random set approach. Annals of Applied Statistics, 9(2), pp. 926-949, 2015.

8. G. Ren, V. Maroulas and I.D. Schizas. Distributed Sensors-Targets Spatiotemporal Association and Tracking.  IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, (51)  4, pp. 2570-2589 2015.

9. I. Sgouralis, V. Maroulas and A. Layton. Transfer function analysis of dynamic blood flow control in the rat kidney, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 78(5): 923-60, 2016

10. J. Mike, C. Sumrall, V. Maroulas and F. Schwartz. Non-landmark classification in paleobiology: computational geometry as a tool for species discrimination. Paleobiology, 1-11, 2016.

11. I. Sgouralis, A. Nebenfuhr, and V. Maroulas. A Bayesian topological framework for the identification and reconstruction of subcellular motion. SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, 10(2), pp. 871-899, 2017.

12.  E. Evangelou and V. Maroulas. Sequential Empirical Bayes method for filtering dynamic spatiotemporal processes. Spatial Statistics, 21(Part A), pp. 114-129, 2017.

B.    Code

    J. Mike and V. Maroulas. Combinatorial Hodge theory for equitable kidney paired donation. Submitted 2016. For the code of the associated paper click here.

C.    Conference Papers (peer-reviewed)

1. E. Grossi, M. Lops and V. Maroulas. A sequential procedure for simultaneous detection and state estimation of Markov signals. The Proc. of IEEE Int. Symp.  Info.  Th, 654-658, 2009.

2. A. Aduroja, I. D. Schizas and V. Maroulas. Distributed principal component analysis in sensor networks. IEEE Proceedings of ICASSP, pp. 5850-5854, 2013.

3.  K. Kang and V. Maroulas. Drift homotopy methods for a non-Gaussian filter. The Proceedings of Data Fusion, pp. 1088-1094, 2013.

4. A. Malikopoulos, V. Maroulas and J. Xiong. A multi-objective optimization analysis for stochastic control of complex systems. Proceedings of IEEE American Control Conference, pp. 4263-4268, 2015.

5. V. Maroulas, K. Kang, I. D. Schizas and M. W. Berry. A Learning Drift Homotopy Particle Filter, The Proceedings of Data Fusion, pp. 1930-1937, 2015.

D.    Other Contributions (peer-reviewed)

V. Maroulas, Probability Matrices. Encyclopedia of Social Network
        Analysis and Mining,
pp. 1416-1418, Springer NY, 2014.

E.  PhD Thesis

Small noise Large Deviations for Infinite Dimensional Stochastic Dynamical Systems, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, May 2008. [pdf]