Vasileios Maroulas

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Office:  Ayres Hall 202

Phone:  865-974-4302

Department of Mathematics
University of Tennessee
202 Ayres Hall
1403 Circle Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996-1320

John Wooden

Do not measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability."

Short Bio

Awards and Honors (Selected)

  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research Grant, 2015-2017.
  • Early Career Research Award, University of Tennessee, 2014
  • Leverhulme Trust Fellowship, University of Bath, UK, 2012
  • Simons Foundation collaboration grant, 2013-2018.
  • Professional Development Award, University of Tennessee, 2011.
  • Eleneio Doctoral Thesis Award, Greek Statistical Society, 2009.
  • IMA Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2008-2010. Funded by NSF/Lockheed Martin.
  • Industrial Postdoctoral Fellowship . (2008-2010). Lockheed Martin.
  • A. Bem prize  Spring 2002. Dept. of Mathematics, University of Athens, Greece.
  • National Distinction for the best performance as an undergraduate student. Fall 2001. Department of Mathematics, University of Athens, Greece.

Invited Talks  (Selected)

  • University of Bath, UK. Mathematical Landscape, May 2014.
  • University of Bristol, UK.  Probability & Statistics Seminar, March 2014.
  • Lancaster University, UK.Probability &Statistics Seminar, February 2014.
  • University of Warwick. Probability&Statistics Seminar, February 2014.
  • Imperial University, UK.  Probability & Statistics Seminar, February 2014.
  • Penn State UniversityStatistics Colloquium, September 2013.
  • University of Texas-Arlington. Colloquium Seminar, September 2012.
  • Beijing University, China. Colloquium Seminar, June 2012.
  • Normal Beijing University, China. Colloquium Seminar, June 2012.
  • Shandong University, China. Colloquium Seminar, May 2012.
  • Polytechnic Univ. of Hong-Kong. Colloquium Seminar, December 2011.
  • University  of Tennessee. Colloquium Seminar, February 2010.
  • Carleton University, Canada. Colloquium Seminar, January 2010.
  • IIT, Colloquium Applied Math Seminar, January 2010.
  • Duke University, Colloquium Statistics Seminar, January 2010.
  • University of  Minnesota, Statistics Seminar, May 2009.
  • Honorarium Eleneio Lecture, Annual Greek Statistical Meeting, April 2009.
  • Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, April 2009.
  • National Technical University of Athens, Greece. Colloquium Seminar, July 2008.
  • University  of Athens, Greece. Colloquium Seminar, June 2008.
  • Columbia University, Probability Seminar, March 2008.
  •  Brown University, Probability Seminar, January 2008.

Industrial and Governmental Research Experience/Consulting

  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Lockheed Martin, Eagan, MN. September 2008-August 2010.
  • Research Assistant, SAS Institute on Economics applications of Time Series Analysis. Summer 2006. SAS Institute, Cary, NC.
  • Research Assistant (with Dr. George Psacharopoulos) on Applied Economics. Spring 2003. Parliament of Greece, Greece.