Math 241 Spring 2017

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Section 17 30690
Final Exam Friday May 5, at 12:30 p.m. here in JDT 402


Thursday 12/6: 9:30 a.m. - noon; 1:30 - 4:00 p.m.
and by appointment

Course Schedule
Homework Assignments
Supplementary Problems (pdf format)

Please remember to do the SAIS evaluations. I especially appreciate any comments you have.

Final Exam

Friday, 5/5 at 12:30 p.m. in the MWF room, Tickle 402. You may bring along a single page (2 sides) of 8.5 x 11 inch notes. What you should know

Homework Grade - will be based on a total of 350 points. There were actually over 400 points possible. The maximum score is 100% though. It will count as much as a test.

The fourth test is scheduled for Thursday 4/13. It will cover the material through 16.4 and Green's theorem.

What you should know

The third test is scheduled for Thursday, March 23. It will cover the material through section 14.7.

The second test is scheduled for Thursday 2/23. It will cover the material through section 13.1 and the triple integral material. What you should know

The first test has been pushed back to Friday, Feb. 3. We will review on Thursday. It will cover the material through section 15.5, except for the spherical coordinate system integrals. What you should know


Course Policies

Text: Calculus, by Rogowski and Adams. (3rd edition - early transcendentals version). We will cover chapters eleven through seventeen, although not in the standard order. There is also a multivariable calculus only version of the book. These should be available at the Pellissippi book store.

Tests: There will be four hour tests, plus a comprehensive final exam.

Homework: Homework problems will mostly be problems from the text with a few supplementary problems. Generally assignments will be due every other class day. It is important to keep up with these assignments. The best way to learn math is to struggle with lots of problems. Not all of the available points will be counted, so anyone who works faithfully at it will get a good homework grade. The homework will count as much as a test (16%).

Webassign will not be used in this class.

Grades: The 4 tests and the homework will count for 80% of the grade and the final exam 20% of the grade. Neither tests nor the homework will be dropped. Grades will be computed on a scale no more stringent than the standard university scale of 90-100% A, 87 - 89% A-, 83 - 86 B+, 80-82% B, 77 - 79% B-, etc. Some consideration will be given to steady improvement throughout the term; of course consideration will also be given to a steady decline throughout the term.

Calculator: You should have a graphing calculator for this course. The Math Dept recommends the TI-84, But you are not required to have this particular model. For example, any TI graphing calculator (the TI - 81 or 82) or Sharp or Casio is fine. You will always be allowed to use a calculator on tests, but you may only use a calculator that does not have symbolic algebraic routines, so no TI-89's, Ti-92's or the like.

Make Up Policies: If you miss a test due to an emergency, please notify me as soon as possible to schedule a make-up.

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