Math 130 Spring 2018

Final Exam       Office Hours

8:00 a.m. Tuesday, May 1
in Min Kao 622
(see below)


After class and by appointment.

You are welcome to drop by anytime.
If I am not busy, I'll be happy to talk to you.

Course Schedule


Math Department Syllabus

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Homework and Quiz Grades - The homework and quiz grade is now posted on webassign. It counts for 15% of your grade. The three lowest scores of the 12 quizzes were dropped and the total number of points counted was 65. (Maximum score 100% though.) There were about 850 points available on webassign but the average is based on only 750 points. (Maximum score 100%.) The last homework still needs to be added in as it is not due until Friday. These 2 were averaged to get the grade.

The final exam is scheduled for Tuesday, May 1 in Min Kao 622.

Test 4 is scheduled for Thursday, April 19. It will cover the material through section 7.3

The worksheets handed out in class:

Test 3 is scheduled for Thursday, March 22. It will cover the material through section 5.1

The worksheets handed out in class:

Test 2 is scheduled for Thursday, February 22. It will cover the material through section 2.8.

The worksheets handed out in class:

Test 1 is scheduled for Thursday, February 1. It will cover the material through section 1.8.

A new math discovery Why is a number of the form 2n - 1 never prime if n = pq, with p and q greater than 1?

Course Policies

Text: Precalculus: Mathematics for Calculus, by Stewart, Redlin & Watson, 7th Edition, Brooks/Cole Publishing Company. ISBN: 978-1-305-7615-2 Text Link

Tests: There will be four hour tests, plus a comprehensive departmental final exam.

Homework and quizzes : Homework problems will be done using webassign. Homework will be assigned every class day. It is important to keep up with the assignments. The best way to learn math is to struggle with lots of problems. The homework will count 7.5%. There will also be some short quizzes during class. The 3 lowest quiz scores will be dropped and no makeups will be given if you miss one. The quizzes will also count 7.5%.

Grades: Grades will be computed on the math departments scale: 90-100% A, 87 - 89% A-, 83 - 86 B+, 80-82% B, 77 - 79% B-, etc.
They will be weighted as shown below.
the 4 tests 55%
webassign homework 7.5%
in class quizes 7.5%
Departmental Final Exam 30%

Calculator: You should have a scientific calculator for this course. For example, any TI graphing calculator (the TI - 81 through 86) or Sharp or Casio is fine. Any calculator with an exponentiation key is fine, but not one built into your phone or with an internet connection. You won't be able to use a calculator on the tests. If you don't have one, find the nearest pawn shop.

Make Up Policy: If you must miss due to a university sanctioned meeting let me know ahead of time. If you have an emergency and miss a test, please notify me as soon as possible (email is best) to schedule a make-up.

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