Feedback Form for Heather Finotti's Courses

This form is intended to make it easy for you to supply anonymous feedback to me. Send it in as often as you like to comment on the course. You don't have to fill out all boxes, only the ones that you want to say something about.

If you don't want your feedback to be anonymous, please simply write me an e-mail.

First select the course that you want to comment on.

  1. Lectures. In this box, please make comments about my lectures. For instance: How helpful do you find the classroom lectures? How appropriate for you is the level and speed at which the material is presented? Do you have any suggestions for improving the classroom lectures?
  2. Textbook. Comments about the textbook.
  3. Homework. Comments about your HW: too long/short, too hard/easy? Suggestions? (If you are refering to an specific assignment, please make it clear which one.)
  4. Exams. Comments about your exams. (Same sort of things as for your HWs.)
  5. Everything else. All suggestions, comments, and constructive criticism are welcome. (Things like "You suck!" just don't help me become a better teacher  - please be specific.)