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Past Courses Taught at University of Tennessee:

Matrix Algebra II - Math453 - Summer13

Intro to Math Modelling - Math411 - Fall 13

Ordinary Differential Equations - Math231 - Fall12,
Fall13, Spring14, Fall14, Fall 15, Spring15

Computing for Math Majors - Math171 - Spring 13,
Spring14, Spring 15

Numerical Algorithms - Math 371
- Fall09

Intro. to PDE - Math 435
- Fall09, Summer11, Summer 13, Summer14

Matrix Algebra - Math 251 Fall07, Spring09, Spring12, Spring15

Seminar for Teachers (Intro to Applied Math) - Math 509
(Graduate Course for In-service Teachers) Spring09

Analysis for Teachers - Math 505
(Graduate Course for In-service Teachers) Fall08 

Intro to Abstract Math - Math300
  Spring08, Spring13,

Mathematical Reasoning - Math113

CalculusIII - Math241
  Fall06/Spring07 /Fall07 / Fall08

Past Courses Taught at Ohio State University: 
Harvard Calculus I,II,&III
 151A Fall05
 152A Winter06
 153A Spring06
Introduction to Numerical Methods for PDE (Graduate Course) -- Math606 Spring 05
Vector Analysis -- Math513 Winter05
Introduction to PDE -- Math512 Fall05

Past Courses Taught or Assisted at University of Texas at Austin: 

see C.V.

Coordinated Saturday Morning Math Group:  Outreach to High and Middle School Students, UT Austin, Academic Year 2002-2003