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Course Information:  MATH 512,  Autumn 2004

Instructor:  Heather Lehr

    Office:  MW 456
    Phone:  292-6597

Lecture: MWF 9:30-10:18, CL 0277

Text:  Advanced Engineering Mathematics, E.Kreyszig, 8th Ed.
Office Hours: MW 10:30-12

Class Website:

Course Objectives:  We will discuss Fourier Series and Laplace Transforms and their use in solving PDE's with boundary values.  Emphasis is on problem solving skills rather than theory.  Time permissing we will also look at Fourier Integrals and Transforms and their applications in solving PDE's.

Prerequisites:  Mathematics 255 or 415 or 556.  It is important to be proficient in solving linear systems of equations and quadratic equations, manipulations of trigonometric functions, and solving ordinary differential equations by means covered in M255 or M415.

Homework:  Homework will be assigned weekly and collected each Friday.  The lowest homework score will be dropped.

Exams:  There will be 3 in class exams, dates of which will be announced in class.  A comprehensive final exam will be held on Wednesday, Dec 8, location t.b.a.

Grading Scheme:
Homework 20%
Midterm1  20%
Midterm2  20%
Midterm3  20%
Final  20%

The grading scheme reflects a bit of my teaching philosophy.   True learning and mastery of material is an internal process, not something anyone can give to you or do for you.  Homework and time spent reading  (and rereading) and digesting the material  is essential to knowledge of the material.   So, the homework score has the same weight as any exam.

Working in groups on homework sets can certainly be beneficial, however do your final homework writeups in your own words,  preferably alone.   If you attempt this and find you cannot in the end do the sets on your own, take this not as a sign of defeat, but a mere indication that there is still something that you need to learn in order to really understand the material.  Whether you seek help from me, fellow classmates, or from rereading the text is up to you, just don't give up!  Often the only difference between the students who score well and those who don't is a refusal to give up.