Dr. Heather L. Finotti 

Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
Math 435


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The grading scheme reflects my teaching philosophy.   True learning and mastery of material is an internal process, not something anyone can give to you or do for you. 
Homework and time spent reading  (and rereading) and digesting the material  is essential to knowledge of the material.  

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Working in groups on homework sets can certainly be beneficial, however do your final homework writeups on your own.   If you cannot do the sets on your own, take this not as a sign of defeat, but an indication that there is still something that you need to learn in order to actually understand the material.  Whether you seek help from me, fellow classmates, or from rereading the text is up to you, just don't give up!  Often the only difference between the students who score well and those who don't is a refusal to give up.

Important Dates

Midterm 1 -  July 14
Midterm 2 - July 18
Midterm 3 -  July 30
Midterm 4 - Aug 6
Final Exam -  Friday, August 8

Some Interesting Links

Coping with Math Anxiety -- aka Math Myths:   www.mathacademy.com/pr/minitext/anxiety (how many have you believed?)

Imagining Other Dimensions:  www.pbs.org/wgbf/nova/elegant  (Click on Multi-Dimensional Math or Imagining Other Dimensions)  This is a small part of a page dedicated to "String Theory" - one contender for a way to unify all laws of physics, it requires that our universe have many more than 3 dimensions!