SECTION: 61254, 10:10-11:00 MWF, Ayres 127

INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Alex Freire, Ayres 304,  974-4313,

OFFICE HOURS: Tu ,W,Th 11-12 , or by appointment

TEXT: Introduction to Abstract Mathematics, by W.Wade

GOAL: The main purpose of the course is to develop students'  ability to
analyze, formulate, write and orallly present  mathematical PROOFS and ideas.

PREREQUISITE: Two semesters of calculus

MAIN TOPICS:  Basic set theory,  propositional calculus and quantifiers,  relations
(order, equivalence relations, functions),  proofs by induction,  algebraic properties
of the real numbers, countability, completeness of the real numbers


Students who miss a class are responsible for finding out what was covered. This will
on occasion include material not found in the text- anything presented in class is considered an
integral part of the course, so students are encouraged to take notes.

2. HOMEWORK- Homework will be assigned every week (usually 6 to 8 problems per
week), and collected at the beginning of class on Friday. Late  homework will not be
accepted. For full credit, proofs must be written in detail.

PRESENTATIONS- Students should indicate in the homework which problems they are
willing to present in class.  Each Friday, between  3 and 5 students will be selected  at random to
present  a problem in class. If  the solution presented is correct, the score for that problem
will be doubled; if  incorrect, it  will be set to zero.  It is expected that each student
will present between  3 and 5 problems during the semester.

COLLABORATION-Students are allowed to work together when solving homework problems.
However, written solutions must contain acknowledgement of collaboration or help
received. Copying written  work (or allowing one's work to be copied) is considered academic dishonesty.

3.  GRADING- The course grade will be based on  homework (20%) , three written exams
(16% ea.) and a comprehensive final  (32%) . The exam dates are:  February 11, March 10,  April 7.
Books and notes may not be usued and calculators will not be needed.  There will be no makeup
exams- the instructor must be notified in advance of any justifiable absences.
The expected grading scale is: A:80-100, B:70-79, C: 55-69, D:  45-54; average lower than
45 or less than 50% on the final:F