The following is a rough guide to linear algebra operations found
in the TI-85.  Use this to find and familiarize yourself with
the corresponding operations in your own calculator. If necessary,
I can help you with this during office hours- but ordinarily I will
not use calculators in class.

MATRICES are entered by row vectors, with no commas between rows.

MENU ADDRESS                                  FUNCTION

matrix/names                                     names of existing matrices

matrix/edit                                           change matrix entries, insert/delete columns or rows

matrix/math/det                                determinant

                        /eigvl                             eigenvalues

                        /eigvc                            eigenvectors

                       /t                                      transpose

                       /LU                               LU(A,L,U,P)  given A, computes L,U and P in LU=PA (p.477)

matrix/ops/ident                              ident 2 = 2X2 identity matrix

                    /aug                                  aug(A,B) (resp. aug (A,v)) augments the matrix A by the matrix B
                                                                                  (resp. by the vector v).
                    /ref                                   ref A returns the row echelon form of A

                    /rref                                 rref A returns the reduced row-echelon form of A

VECTORS are entered as row vectors, treated as column vectors when acted upon by matrices.

vector/names                                   names of existing vectors

vector/edit                                        change entries

vector/math/cross                          cross(v,w) returns the cross-product of v and w

                        /norm                        norm v = norm of v

                        /dot                             dot(v,w)= dot product of v and w

 vector/ops/>pol                              >pol [x,y] returns [x,y] in polar coords(similar for spherical)

the key MODE allow one to express angles in degrees (rather than radians), etc.

the operation "simult", which may be found with the key "CATALOG", solves linear systems

simult(A,v)   returns the solution x to Ax=v (only nonsingular A accepted!)