GOAL  : First course in linear algebra,  emphasizing solution of linear
                   systems, geometry of linear transformations, eigenvalues/eigenvectors
                   and quadratic forms

TEXT:  Howard Anton, ELEMENTARY  LINEAR ALGEBRA, J.Wiley, 8th. ed. (2000)

TIME/PLACE  MWF 1:25-2:15, Ayres 318

GRADING: based on quizzes (25%), three in-class exams (15% each), comprehensive final (30%)

EXAM DATES:  9/22,  10/20, 11/17 FINAL: 12/14, 8:00-10:00

Please let me know ahead of time if you can't make it to class on those dates due to other
university activities. Starting on 9/1, there will be a 15-min quiz every
Friday, consisting of two of the problems listed for the sections covered that week (total of 10 quizzes).

EXPECTED GRADING SCALE:  A: 85+  B: 70-84  C: 55-69 D:50-55; less than 50 (ave. or final):F

ATTENDANCE:  Attendance to every class meeting is expected.  I would like to spend most of the class time
 on examples and problems, so it is a good idea to read the theory in each section before it is covered in class
(as a rule of thumb, expect 2h of study time for every 50-min lecture). Some of the problems listed for each section
will be done in class as examples; the remaining problems should be considered homework, and will be used
in the Friday quizzes.

 A  solutions manual is available at the UT bookstore; solutions manuals can
be helpful, but can also become dangerous tools.  If you do not attempt to
solve problems on your own before checking your work , you will not learn the subject.

CALCULATORS may be used freely- in fact I hope you will quickly become familiar
with calculator operations useful for basic linear algebra.  As a guide to what this means,
I have written the following:

OUTLINE OF THE COURSE (43 class meetings)

Part I: Solution of linear systems, linear operators in Euclidean space: Ch.1,2,4

Part II: vector spaces, subspaces, bases: Ch.5

Part III: orthonormal bases, least squares, applications: 6.3-6.5,9.3, 9.4

Part IV: eigenvalues, diagonalization, similarity: Ch. 7, 8.5, 9.1

Some sections are designated "optional reading"- read them if you have time
(they might be helpful for the rest), but they won't be covered in class or tested in
the quizzes and exams.

POLICY ON POSTING GRADES: grades will not be posted  at all; I will leave graded
homework sets and exams in the ante-room outside my office for ONE WEEK, then
"file" them permanently.

NEW UTK POLICY ON DROPPING COURSES: The deadline to drop a course (with a W appearing on
the transcript) is October 3.  Between October 4 and November 14, courses may be dropped with "WP" or
"WF" on the transcript ("WF" counts as an F for GPA purposes).   After November 14 it will not be possible to drop the course.