MATERIAL: Ch.1 (starting with 1.6), Ch.2, Ch.3 (up to and
including 3.8). The introductory chapter I is
not included. Excluded sections: 2.5,2.6,2.14/15

PROCEDURE:closed books, closed notes.
calculators are OK, but students who leave them at
home will not be at a disadvantage.
SHOW ALL WORK for full credit; answers given without
justification (or none other than "the calculator
shows") will get no credit at all.

FORM: The exam will consist of 5 to 6 problems, at roughly the
same level of difficulty as the homework problems. You
will not be asked to give detailed proofs of "theoretical statements" ,
but you MAY be asked to "show this or that".

WHAT YOU MAY USE: any mathematics you have learned prior to this
course may be used to solve the exam problems.

STUDY: As a minimum, you should learn the correct solution to
all the homework problems. In addition, you should try to
do the problems marked (E) in the homework sheet. Of course,
it is assumed that all the sections included in the test will
be read carefully.

HOMEWORK: HW-4 (due 9/20) will be returned on 9/22; HW-5 is due 9/22;
solutions to HW5 will be given in a handout on 9/22.