EXAM 3-December 3, 1999

TOPICS:  Chapter 10- 10.1 to 10.9,  10.11 to 10.20. 10.23 and 10.24
                                            (convergence of sequences and series, alternating series, improper integrals)
                                             ALSO:  absolute vs. conditional convergence of improper integrals (not in text)

                        Chapter 11- 11.1 to 11.5 (uniform convergence of sequences and series of functions)
                                             ALSO: criterion for passing to limits in the derivative of a sequence of functions (not in text)

CALCULATORS are allowed, but "calculator arguments" are not.

CHAPTER 11- main sections and problems

11.1 to 11.5- Uniform convergence of sequences and series of functions

11.6,11.8: Functions defined by power series
11.7  (E)1,3,5,17,18,19
           (H) 2,4,7  due 12/8

11.9-11.11 Convergence of Taylor series
11.13  (E)2,3,5,24
             (H)7,8,9  due 12/8

FINAL EXAM  Monday, 12/13, 2:45-4:45, Ayres 102
closed book, closed notes. Calculators OK, "calculator solutions" not OK
                                TOPICS: comprehensive
                                 EMPHASIS on the following sections/topics

                                    11.6 to 11.8 power series
                                    11.1 to 11.4 uniform convergence
                                    10.23 improper integrals
                                    10.17 to 10.19 conditional and absolute convergence
                                    10.11 to 10.16 convergence tests
                                    7.12 to 7.17 computation of limits
                                    7.5 to 7.8  Taylor's formula with remainder
                                    4.14 mean-value theorem for derivatives
                                    3.18  mean-value theorem for integrals
                                    3.10 intermediate-value theorem and applications

REVIEW: as a minimum, all four exams.  Try to solve as many problems marked (E) or (H)  on
                        the topics above as time permits The last homework set will be returned on Friday (envelope
                        outside my office ).