1) You may work individually or in groups of two.  Both people in the group
must understand the solutions turned in completely.

2) The text and class notes should be sufficient. If you may use (but not quote
results from) any other textbook. In this case, please include the name
of the book.

3) You may not consult any human being (exception in 5 below) ,
whether in person or by e-mail.

4) I will have interviews with each individual
or group, to establish that the work turned in is fully understood. Grades may
be reduced depending on the interview.

5) I will clarify the statements of the problems by e-mail if necessary
(but I won't be reading e-mail from 3/18 to 3/21).

6) The exam was posted on 3/16 at 3:30 p.m. (final version) and is due at the start of
class on 3/28. No exceptions.

Good luck!