Section 60763: 11:15-12:05, MWRF 11:15-12:05, Ayres 318
Section 60718: 12:20-1:10,  MWRF 12:20-1:10,  Ayres 316

PROFESSOR: Alex Freire
Office hours: MWF 1:10-2:00 (or by appointment), Ayres 207 A
phone: (865)974-4313
web page:
TEXT: Calculus, by J.Stewart, 2nd edition (2001)

GRADING: based on 3 exams (16% each), quizzes (24%), final (28%)
GRADING SCALE: 85% or above: A; 70-84: B or B+; 55-69: C or C+

1) below 50% on the final or below 50% course grade ---> F
2) I do not "curve" grades

HOMEWORK: a small number of homework problems will be assigned for each
section of the text covered in lecture. Homework will not be collected,
but there will be weekly QUIZZES, each consisting of two homework problems
announced since the previous quiz.

The QUIZZES will last 20 min, and will be given at the beginning of
each Thursday class (except if the class precedes a Friday exam). Of
the total of 10 quizzes, the lowest two grades will be dropped.

Exception: the first quiz will be on Friday, Aug. 20

CALCULATOR POLICY: you may use a graphing calculator during quizzes
or exams, BUT only if it is a TI-83+ or equivalent. If you plan to use
a calculator other than the TI-83+, please show it to me as soon as possible,
as I'll have to approve it BEFORE it is used the first time. In particular,
calculators with alphanumeric, symbolic or algebraic capabilities will
not be approved.

MAKEUP POLICY: There will be no makeups of exams or quizzes. If you have a
valid reason for having to miss an exam and let me know at least a week in
advance (or have a valid proof of emergency- my judgment), your highest exam
score will count twice. Missing two exams or the final will result in an F grade.

EXAM DATES: Friday, 9/17; Friday, 10/8; Friday, 11/12
section 60763: Friday 12/3, 10:15-12:15
section 60718: Wednesday 12/8, 12:30-2:30

WITHDRAWAL POLICY: You can drop this class with no mark by 8/27 (Friday), with
a W by 9/28 (Tuesday), with a WP/WF by 11/9 (Tuesday). IMPORTANT: if you do not
formally drop the class (but simply stop attending), your grade will be an F.

ATTENDANCE: attendance to each lecture is expected, and decisions on borderline
cases will be affected by attendance patterns. I plan to take attendance at
least twice a month.

EXTRA WORK. No "extra work" will be given to improve your grade.

SECTIONS IN TEXT. The course will include the following:
Chapter 5, 5.1 to 5.10 and app. G (integration theory and techniques)-17 lectures
Chapter 6, 6.1 to 6.7 and app. H (applications of integration)-11 lectures
Chapter 8, 8.1 to 8.9: sequences and series- 17 lectures