Context Menu

This page shows how to use and configure right-click context menu with Handsontable:

Context Menu with default options

Tu run the basic configuration of the Context Menu, just set the contextMenu option to true.

Context Menu with specific options

You can limit options available in the context menu using contextMenu option as an array of strings:

  • row_above
  • row_below
  • hsep1
  • col_left
  • col_right
  • hsep2
  • remove_row
  • remove_col
  • hsep3
  • undo
  • redo

Context Menu with with fully custom configuration

For greatest configurability, you use contextMenu option as a configuration object as described in jQuery contextMenu documentation.

This example shows how to set custom text, how to disable "Remove row" and "Insert row above" for the first row and how to add your own option.