Basic course data:

M351 -- Algebra I, Spring 2007,
Instructor: Jochen Denzler

MWF 10:10 - 11:00, Ayres 205

Textbook: Joseph Landin: Introduction to Algebraic Structures

Syllabus: pdf file --- dvi file (this is a preliminary version, with some updates yet to come)

Final exam scheduled by university policy as a function of the meeting time of the course:
For this class, it is: Wed May 02, 10:15-12:15

Class Diary, with links to homework

Prerequisite material

In as much as Math 300 is a prerequisite for the course, the 1st chapter of our textbook gives a fairly good review of what we want from that course.
From Math 251, we'll use properties of matrices and the abstraction experience gained from the notion of an abstract real vector space. If you need a concise review on introductory linear algebra, refer to the glossary I am usually handing out when I teach this course. It has been designed from the onset to remain useful for back reference later.

Class material (primarily homework) posted here:

This is for reference only. To see what is old, what is newly assigned, and when it is due, access the hwk by link from the Class Diary

A Zoopark of Groups (includes hwk 1-10): pdf file --- dvi file --- Solutions: pdf file --- ps file
Hwk 11-30: pdf file --- dvi file
A Zoopark of Homomorphisms (includes hwk 31-41): pdf file --- dvi file ---
Hwk 42-65: pdf file --- dvi file (updated 4/23)

Solutions 1-30: pdf file --- ps file
Solutions 31-41: pdf file --- dvi file
Solutions Hwk 42-65: pdf file --- dvi file (as of 4/11, up to 60.) more to come