Pictures from a few of my hobbies

Paph. Gina Short
Mtssa.Dark Star Darth Vader
Onc. Gower Ransey 'Volcano Queen'
Gotta love the colors!
I'm creating more all the time.
First we anodize and dye the wire.
Some of the finished rings.
Mtdm. Rosy Sunset
Den. Super Star
Colm. Wildcat Blood Ruby
Phal. Taisuco Date
The fun begins!
Pieces 'n parts coming together.
The finished product.
Hawkinsara Koolav Sunset 'Hawaii'
rescued Phalenopsis with no name
What a storm that was!
Who ever thought I'd be a lumberjack?
Anyone need some firewood, I'm cutting plenty!
Lc. Mari's Song 'CTM 217' HCC/AOS