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This semester I'm teaching Math 467 (Honors Topology); I have a reduced teaching load due to research activity and administrative work as Math Honors and REU director.

I enjoy teaching a wide variety of classes at all levels from calculus on up. Since I arrived at UT in the fall of 1992 I have taught about 20 different courses including calculus (classical, reformed, hybrid, and honors, including differential equations), introduction to abstract mathematics, real analysis, honors matrix algebra, engineering matrix algebra, abstract algebra (regular and honors), honors advanced calculus, geometry, Lie groups/topological groups, topology, and differential geometry. I have written texts for Math  300/7 and Honors Advanced Calculus, as well as notes for a course on Lie and topological groups.

Over the years I have taught hundreds of students. I wish that I could say I remember all of you, but I have a fickle memory for names. Sometimes the name of a student I barely knew will pop into my mind as I pass him or her in the hallway; other times I'll have to fish for 10 minutes to haul out the name of a student I advised for years. Maybe that's one price I pay for having a mathematical mind. But don't be afraid to stop by and jog my memory; I always enjoy hearing from former students.  

The website Tennessee 101 provides summaries of teaching evaluations.


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Dr. Conrad Plaut
Professor, Department Head
Mathematics Department
University of Tennessee
Knoxville TN 37996-1300

Phone: 865-974-4319