Intro. to Computation - Collins
 If you have a computer at home with a modem, you can connect to
any of your UT accounts as follows:

1. First you connect to  UTCC's Open Dialup Service  (modem pool) 
    by having your modem dial one of these numbers:
	 974-6711,  974-6811,   974-6300
   (read your modem's manual to learn how to operate it).
2. When the connection static stops, you'll see the prompt:
   Reply with: c unix		(to get to your CAFE account)
           or: c	(to get to your CS account)
           or: c	(to get to your Math account)
3. You'll see the prompt: 
   Now you can login to your account normally and you'll be in your
   home directory.

How to access the Assignments
 Note that the above is a "text only" connection, so you can NOT 
use Netscape, which is a graphics browser (for that you need 
Enhanced Dialup Service, see below).

With a plain text-only connection, you can access the Assignments 
in two ways: 

Method 1: Text files
This method requires the forsight to download the assignments to 
disk files, using Netscape, when you are in the Lab.
(click on File, Save As..., choose Text, OK).
Then you have them saved as files, so you can read them (more),
and/or edit them (vi). 

Method 2: via Lynx
Lynx is a text-only browser installed on most systems. After you
login to your unix account, type:


This gets you to my web server; use the down-arrow key until the 
course page "Math 171: Intro. to Computation" is highlighted, and 
press ENTER to go to that page. Go down to "ASSINGMENTS", press 
ENTER. The left-arrow moves you back to previous document.
Downloading in Lynx

  Lynx sometimes messes up the formatting of some pages, so it may
be hard to read Assignments on it.  It may be better to download 
them first, as follows:
  Use the arrow keys to highlight an Assignment, then press "d"  to
download it to a file in your directory.  Then you can read or edit
the file normally (ignore or delete the HTML markups in it...).
  If your modem software allows file transfers, you can transfer 
the file to your home computer and read/edit it there.

Enhanced Dialup Service (EDS)
This type of connection makes your home computer act as if it is directly connected to the Internet. You can run Netscape or Microsoft Explorer on your computer to access web pages on your screen, as if you are sitting in the Lab !!! The catch is that it costs $10 a month, but it's probably well worth it... For more information, click here . Moreover, you can transfer files to and from your computer using "ftp" (File Transfer Protocol), as we'll discuss in class, or you can read about it here .