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General Computing Information

  • How-To Essentials (unix,vi,zip,email,Xwindows,WWW,f77,gnuplot) Printable Version (PS)
  • A gateway to resources (mostly involving programming)
  • UNIX and the VI editor
  • WWW - HTML

  • Collection of Math/Computing Stuff

  • Making the Invisible Visible Commencement address delivered to the mathematics graduating class of the University of California at Berkeley, May 23, 1997, by Keith Devlin
  • Math Awareness Month
  • >"The nice thing about computers is that they will do exactly what you tell them to do. Unfortunately, they will do it exactly, so you need to get your instructions exactly right"
                                    --David J. Eck, The Most Complex Machine, p.173
  • "A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history,
    with the possible exception of handguns and tequila."
                                    -- Mitch Ratliffe, Technology Review, April 1992
  • SIAM (Society fo Industrial and Applied Mathematics) Report: Some Views of Mathematics in Industry, by Paul Davis
  • Mathematicians of the Day

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