Math 577 - Optimization - Fall 2005

MWF 1:25-2:15 - Ayres 309A

Course Information:

This course covers the numerical techniques and theory for optimization. The main focus will be on modern algorithms for unconstrained optimization. We will also cover some methods for constrained optimization, but probably not any material from linear programming.
The hope is that this course will be the perfect blend between theory and application. Thus we will spend some time proving the fundamental theorems of optimization and deriving the details of the algorithms. And, we will also spend time on the details of implementing these algorithms.
The prerequisites for this course are: Multi-variable calculus, linear algebra, introductory numerical analysis/methods, some experience programming in FORTRAN, PASCAL, C, or a similar language and some experience with proofs. If you have any concerns about your preparation for this course, please come and see me.




Charles Collins
312B Ayres Hall
974-4269 or 974-2461

Office Hours: to be announced
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