Math 512 - Methods in Applied Mathematics - Spring 2005

TR 9:40-10:55 - Ayres 309A

Course Information:

In this course we will study the fundamental ideas and techniques of mathematics associated with continuous models of physical, engineering and other systems. In contrast to the typical 'methods' course, in this course we will first derive the various ordinary and partial differential equations before we develop the techniques to solve them.
The main focus will be on differential equations, both ODEs and PDEs. We will study the basic theory, some solution techniques involving substitution and transforms, and the stability of the solutions. As time permits we will also look into different transforms (Fourier, wavlet, etc.) and time-series analysis.
The prerequisites for this course are multivariable calculus, begining ordinary differential equations, some linear algebra, some advanced mathematics (proofs) and some computer skills.




Dr. Charles Collins
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