Math 512 - Spring 2005 - Car Response Model 
Save each of the following files in MATLABR6/Work (or something like that) (right-click, save link target as ...)


Open up MATLAB and open up the file "sample_car.m". This is where you will create your model car response function. The file has a bunch of stuff in it, but should contain all the values that you need. You should put in comments explaining the action you are trying to model in each part. If you have questions about how to express the mathematics you need in MATLAB, just ask.

Once you have what you think is a reasonable function, save the file and try the following in the MATLAB command window:


If get errors, go fix them and repeat this process until you get no error messages.
When you have no errors, now try:


As you review the results of the three trials, make notes about changes you want to make. Then make the changes and try again. When you are completely happy with the results, email me ( your sample_car.m file.

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