Math 512 - Spring 2005 - Course Information  
Course Information

This list presents what was covered in class and predicts what will be covered in the future.
Homework due two weeks from date assigned, unless noted otherwise

Date Topic Homework/Handouts
R13 Jan Introduction; 1st order ODEs Homework #1
Syllabus, Summary of Techniques
T18 Jan More 1st order ODEs  
R20 Jan Introduction to Modeling Homework #2
Modeling Terms
T25 Jan Modeling with systems; Non-analytic solution of ODEs Car Response Model
R27 Jan More solution methods; MATLAB Car Response Model Guide
T 1 Feb Fundamental Theorems; Phase plane methods Numerical Methods Guide
R 3 Feb Spring Model; Higher Order ODEs Homework #3
T 8 Feb Solving 2nd Order Linear ODEs  
R10 Feb Nonhomogeneous 2nd Order ODEs  
T15 Feb Nonhomogeneous 2nd Order ODEs  
R17 Feb Nonhomogeneous 2nd Order ODEs  
T22 Feb Qualitative Analysis for 2nd Order ODEs & Systems Homework #4
R24 Feb Nonlinear Pendulum: derivation & analysis  
T 1 Mar Beginning PDEs: transition from ODEs to PDEs  
R 3 Mar 1st Order Linear PDEs Homework #5
T 8 Mar Solving 1st order quasi-linear PDES/Initial Curve Problem  
R10 Mar Application to Traffic Flow  
T15 Mar Traffic Flow; Flow & Diffusion in a Tube  
R17 Mar Other FDIT based models Homework #6
R22 Mar Spring Break  
R24 Mar Spring Break  
T29 Mar Classifying & solving higher order quasi-linear PDEs  
R31 Mar Canonical Forms for 2nd Order Linear PDEs Project: Short Description Due
T 5 Apr Separation of Variables  
R 7 Apr Separation of Variables  
T12 Apr Project: Short Presentations I
Examples from Separation of Variables
Homework #7
R14 Apr Project: Short Presentations II  
T19 Apr   Project: Report Draft Due
R21 Apr    
T26 Apr    
T 3 May Project: Final Presentations I, 10:15-12:15
Project: Final Written Report Due by Noon

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